January 14-16th 2022 / Virtual HackathonInterested in sponsoring?

Over 36 hours, students from around the world come together to tackle innovative problems. Come for the prizes, networking opportunities, and a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience!
Why Participate?Why Participate?

Make connections

We had over 100 hackers last year from all backgrounds โ€” youโ€™re sure to meet like-minded students and form lifelong friendships.

Build something cool

With exciting challenges to inspire you, the possibilities are endless.

Win amazing prizes

Last year, we gave away more than $10,000 in prizes โ€” and we have lots to give away this year!

  • Day 1 (6 hr)

    Opening Ceremony Workshops & Events Check in with Mentors

  • Day 2 (24 hr)

    Ideation / Building Workshops & Events Check in with Mentors

  • Day 3 (6 hr)

    Check in with Mentors


    Closing Ceremony

Last year, we had...
100 hackers
23 projects
$10k prizes

Challenges coming soon!

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Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ
Frequently Asked Questions Picture
โž• What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a sprint-like event where innovators and inventors, usually students, can come together to solve real-world challenges using technology.

โž• What can I build?

Anything! We encourage any and all forms of solutions: whether itโ€™s a game, app, hardware, AR, or anything at all.

โž• My question isnโ€™t here, who can I contact?

No worries, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to answer your question!

โž• Is there a code of conduct?

Yes! We require all hackers to abide by the the MLH code of conduct.

โž• I donโ€™t know any coding. Can I still compete?

Yes! As a beginner-friendly hackathon, we will set you up with the knowledge you need to start your first hackathon project, along with mentors.

โž• How much does it cost?

Hackville is completely free! We aim to make our event as accessible as possible, regardless of financial ability.

โž• How do teams work?

We are allowing team sizes of up to 4 people on a team. You can come with a team, though we highly encourage creating your team at the event! At the very beginning of the hackathon we will hold a team building session for anybody who does not have a team at that time.

โž• Do I need to bring anything?

Since our event is virtual, you'll have easy access to your laptop, pens, paper and any other tools you may need to hack. We will provide a safe, collaborative environment for all participants โ€”ย and swag!

โž• Can I start working on my hack before the hackathon?

No, you will be disqualified if a submitted project was worked on prior to the hackathon weekend. All coding and design work must be done during the hackathon weekend.